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african hair braiding styles

7 African Hair Braiding Styles For 2018

Truth be told, braiding hair is nothing new. For centuries Africans have braided their hair as a show of marital status, social status and age.  This is an African tradition that has being passed

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swimwear fashion trends

Swimwear Fashion Trends: 12 Best Swimsuits for 2018

The 2018 summers are here and there is a lot that you would be planning to include in your wardrobe from shorts to the evening gown. With all the prerequisite set for the summer holidays, swimwear fashion

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Eye Massage Roller for puffiness

How To Choose The Best Eye Massage Roller For Puffiness

Dark circles or puffiness of eyes makes us look older and sick. Waking to those puffy eyes gives way to the cold war with our eye treatment cream and the formulas that we trusted with our lives. If you

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5 Best Organic Facial Sunscreen for Summer 2018

Applying sunscreen may not feel the best idea when in hurry to be on time for your daily regime, however, knowing what it can do to your skin may change your thoughts about it. If I say that the aging

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hair loss concealers

7 Best Hair Loss Concealers That Actually Work (2018)

Age is not just a factor that brings the problem of baldness in humans. There are many other reasons that support the problem. Hence, individuals who are young can still come across the problem sooner

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toe separators for bunions

Does Toe Separators For Bunions Really Work?

Toe Separators, being common among those who have been bearing the pain of bunions and stacked toes, often feel sceptical about its results. Toe separators for bunions may seem a smart way to avoid surgeries

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Does depilatory cream for hair removal really work?

Long before, it was believed that hair removal is only for women and was almost true. However, with change in the lifestyle and attitude, men are also following the trails of women and many of them like

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tips for weight loss

11 Tips For Weight Loss In 9 Days At Home

Losing weight is a tiresome job, but what if it is made fun. Success is related to the dedication we put in that work and dedication is directly proportional to the interest. Did you ever know that balancing

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aloe vera benefits for skin

6 amazing Aloe Vera benefits for skin, Hair and Weight-Loss

There are many plants with various usage and benefits out there, but what is it about Aloe Vera that everyone likes to plant one in their garden? This plant that look much like a cactus with juicy inside

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hair regrowth treatment

Top 5 Best Hair Regrowth Treatment For Women

Hair loss, thinking about it makes us tremor with fear. Although men like fuller hair too, women especially are a lot concerned about thick and long hair and experiencing hair fall can come as a shock

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