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The Best & Most Comfortable Butt Lifting Panties For 2018

The difficult regime in a workout routine is to achieve the perfect round butt. It may sound funny to some but get in the shoes of those who make every plan for the same and it falls apart. There are women

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Remedy for Split Ends

The Best Remedy For Split Ends ? Here Are 5 !

Do you have to keep trimming your hair because of split ends? It sure is very heart-breaking to see those tresses getting shorter. With so many challenges surging, our hair need much more attention than

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Korean Facial Mask Sheet

6 Key Benefits of Korean Facial Mask Sheet

You must have heard about Korea and its various new inventions in the field of beauty and skin care. Most of them have gathered a lot of attention. And, this time again, the country has surprised us with

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homemade facial mask recipes

7 Amazing Homemade Facial Mask Recipes To Try Right Now

There are many facial masks present in the market and available on the online stores. And, few of them actually know the trick to make things right. So, the question is: why do we have to stress on the

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eyebrow microblading pen

6 Top Eyebrow Microblading Pen for Perfect Eyebrows

Interested to know which eyebrow microblading pen would suit your brows best? If you are a woman who cares about the looks from tip to toe, you must have tried experimenting with the eyebrow pencils. If

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Best Oversized Sunglasses for Women to Buy in 2018

For some getting the 10th pair of your most wanted sunglasses may seem an inane affair. But, that does not lessen the charm of buying the new one who are truly crazy about sunglasses. With time, styles

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best natural face masks

The Best Natural Face Masks to Try Right Now!

Every one of us follow our own skin care routine. Some try to get the cleanser and face cream to treat the skin damage while others do not even care much. However, it is very vital to protect the skin

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Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil to Try for Best Results

Well balanced Eyebrows can do wonders in making your looks perfect and audacious. The long ends of your populated brows make your eyes look more radiant and beautiful. Eyebrows are tricky and one bad hand

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semi permanent eyebrow pencil

Does Semi Permanent Eyebrow Pencil Really Work?

Like every other women if you are thinking about getting the semi permanent eyebrow pencil tattooing, you must have researched about it. If not, it is time you know what this entails. There are many women

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beauty trends in 2019

Latest Beauty Trends in 2019 You Need to Rock

Every year, new beauty trends hop in. The divas walking the aisle dipped in fashion and confidence stage the most awaited trend of the year. Its not even the end of 2018 and people have started talking

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