5 Best Organic Facial Sunscreen for Summer 2018

Applying sunscreen may not feel the best idea when in hurry to be on time for your daily regime, however, knowing what it can do to your skin may change your thoughts about it. If I say that the aging effects are most prominent for those whose skin is exposed to the UV rays without much protection? Isn’t that a good reason to grab that organic facial sunscreen sitting at the back of your shelf covered with dust?

Most people will argue about the harmful chemicals present in the sunscreens with a belief that the effects are manifolds than that caused from sun rays. However, for their sake, this article would list the safest and best organic sunscreen that are made of natural ingredients. Now, that is something to celebrate for.

There is one more reason for choosing the organic facial sunscreen instead of those loaded with chemicals. The sunscreen which are made of chemicals impacts ecosystem as well. So, it becomes more important to select the sunscreen that are not only safe for our skin but can also maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Hence, here is the list of sunscreens that are made of natural ingredients and are free of additives that are dangerous for our sensitive skins. Choosing any of the listed sunscreen would stand the test of time as these have done for others. Just pick and start using.  

Sensitive Skin Sunscreen by Neutrogena

Sensitive Skin Sunscreen by Neutrogena

Nothing is better than a cream offering 100% natural ingredients inside that little tube. With 60+ SPF, this organic sun cream will provide the best shield against those scorching sun rays. The cream supports the most delicate skins as well. So, if you are not satisfied with other brands as your skin needs extra care, this is what you should go for. This cream will serve the purpose.

With affordable price and stuffed with unimaginable benefits, this cream is one among the most popular choices among the individuals. You would not regret buying this sunscreen. At the end of the day, it is you who would be paying for your carelessness. So, take time and let your skin stay protected and healthy under the coverage of organic facial sunscreen by Neutrogena.

Aqua Vegan organic facial sunscreen by Nature’s Gate

Aqua Vegan organic facial sunscreen by Nature’s Gate

Is this summer about beach parties? If yes, then you must have the sunscreen which is water resistance and provides long hour protection inside water. Thankfully, we do have an option that matches all these criteria discussed above.

On top of this, certified to contain organic ingredients, with a touch of Aloe Vera, this product helps in softening the skin. The company has gone a step ahead and has created the packaging tubes to be completely recyclable. This means that the product is not only a great organic facial sunscreen but manages to be eco-friendly as well.

Organic Facial Sunscreen by CoTZ

Organic Facial Sunscreen by CoTZ

Most of the sunscreen carries that unusual odour which is highly intolerable. But, it is not necessary that every organic facial sunscreen carries that smell. This product by CoTZ is free from any scent and works well with the makeup. You can apply it under your makeup and it will keep doing its job.

This is a natural cream which is oil free and provides remarkable results for sensitive skin. You can now double your holiday shifts under the sun without getting tanned or burned.

With various ingredients to protect your skin against sun, this product is a must have for those getting out in sun most frequently. You would be happy to see how conveniently this product defeats the sun rays and brings you home back safely every day.

Anthelion AOX by La Roche-Posay


La Roche-Posay has done an amazing work with this sunscreen. By providing sun protection with 50 SPF, this sunscreen is the winner. Not only you would be stunned by its results, but you would not like using any other creams once you know what it feels to be covered in this magic.

With no scent and created with few great antioxidants, this product will help you fight many signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. In short, you are getting two benefits from just one bottle. You can carry this sunscreen for hours and it would still let you enjoy the summer heat without any damage concerns.

This product works best with all the skin tones. Either you are pale or white or own any other skin texture or colour, this sunscreen will never disappoint you.

Sunscreen by Beauty by Earth

Sunscreen by Beauty by Earth

Do you need to carry your sunscreen because it works only if applied just before the sun’s exposure? Don’t you feel you are being cheated? These chemical packed sunscreens make no excuse in harming your most papered skin and do not even does the work it is created for.

However, choices like Beauty by Earth, can let you explore the benefits that one sunscreen can provide without compromising your skin or damaging the ecosystem.

Organic facial sunscreen by Beauty by Earth is mineral based and blends easily for a long-lasting effect. You can also use this product inside the ocean without worrying about hurting sea lives.

The Verdict

Although our skin is most delicate and highly vulnerable, taking care in the right way can keep it safe and sound. We often regret about what we did not do or what we could have done to not end up with the damaged skin. There are times when we feel too occupied and these little chores seem highly demanding.

However, making room for certain routine would save you from sulking later. Time flies and we blame ourselves for ignoring our bodies which is important than everything else. So, utilize it and act now.

Include the organic facial sunscreen in your daily routine, especially when you are facing sun. The more you will look after your skin, the longer you will stay healthy and youthful.

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