Heated Hair Brush Review – An Electric Hair Straightener

heated hair brush

I am super excited to tell you about this electric heated hair brush straightener !

It is simply the best hair straightening brush ever and I will tell you why. I am an African Americas female and I have very, very thick, coarse hair. My hair is tightly coiled and more often than not frizzy and tangled. In its natural state, it is almost unmanageable for me as I have never quite gotten the handle of manipulating my hair. I have found though, that straightening it makes it easy for me to handle.

Unfortunately, straightening my hair was over too much of a hassle and too much of a pain for me as well. There is also the health of my hair to consider. Many heated tools are too harsh on textured hair such as mine and leaves it dried out, brittle and damaged.

Therefore, I usually limited straightening my hair for special occasions because I would have to go to a professional hair salon to have it done. This is pricy and I could not afford to do it often.

As a result, I normally covered my hair under protected tools like weaves and wigs because I could not deal with it.

But finding this heated hair brush has completely changed my life. By just running a brush through my hair, I can have sleek, straight hair that is total manageable and tamed. It does not even matter if I use it on wet to dry hair.

heated hair brush

Now I wear my natural hair out more often in a straightened state and do not have to resort to wearing wigs or weaves.

If this electric hair brush straightener can tame hair as thick and as coily as mine so quickly and easily, then it can work for anyone with any hair texture looking to straight her hair fast.

Product Features

  • Minimum working temperature of 80 °C and
  • Maximum working temperature of 160 °C
  • Adjustable heating temperature to match to specific hair types
  • Temperature controller displays digitally for easy reading
  • Electric hair brush heats up quickly
  • The plastic handle is easy to grip
  • 360° rotatable cord
  • Utilizes anti-scald and anti-breakage properties
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for all hair types

First Impressions

The packaging was pretty and the tool itself looked of very good quality. It has held up for the last six mouth since any wear or damage.

As for my first experience using the heated hair brush…

I turned the heated hair brush on and allowed it to heat up. I was expecting to wait a while just I had done with all other heating tools I had used in the past but in under a minute, this heated hair brush was heated and ready for use.

I started on wet hair after my normal wash day routine. I added my usual hair products and a heat protectant them got started by sectioning off my hair. Working one section at a time, I passed the heated hair brush through my hair.

Starting at the tips of my hair, and working my way higher until I could pass the heated hair brush from root to tip in one pass.

Feeling the heated hair brush glide through my hair so effortlessly left me truly speechless. I have had many a comb break off in my hair through snagging and tangling but never once did this heated hair brush pause in passing through my hair.

I was able to detangle and straighten my hair in under an hour. Wow! This has never happened before. Even my professional hair stylist could not straighten my hair in under two hours.

I was truly shocked and delighted and since then this heated hair brush has become my go-to f0r straightening my hair.

Instructions For Use

Ensure that your hair is as detangled as possible before using this electric hair brush straightener and do a test before use by sectioning off a small part of hair to trying the product out.

If the hair is not damaged from the test then continue with use.

I personally section my hair into four – two back and two front sections to make managing my hair simpler.

Starting on the first section, apply your normal styling products as well as a heat protectant. Pass the electric hair brush straightener throughout your hair. Do this until the hair is straightened to your liking.

Finish off by applying any finishing products that you may use.


  • Saves you money by allowing you to straighten your own hair at home
  • Saves time and energy by heating up quickly
  • Wide temperature range for different hair types
  • Untangles hair quickly and safely
  • Makes hair shinier, smoother and more manageable with the use of a ceramic plate
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Plastic handle and rotatable cord makes for easy handling
  • Compact design allows for easy travelling and storage
  • Easy to use


  • Can feel a little heavy on the wrist especially when you are holding it up to straighten your hair

Grab Yours Today !

The Perfect Heated Hair Brush ?

As I already said, this is the best hair straightening brush and no other works like it. You can now wash your hair at night and not have to worry about going to bed with wet hair. You can detangle coarse hair quick and easy. You can achieve a straight hairstyle without damaging tools. The possibilities are endless and it is all because of this one small heated hair brush.

I highly recommend for both men and women and people with all hair types.

About the Author Joyce Davis

I am Joyce, founder and the beauty editor behind Biotyful.net. I was born in Texas and currently living Wyoming. If you are wondering what led me into blogging about beauty and beauty products, then my hobbies and interests right from childhood, will be a perfect reflection of why I gravitated towards blogging.

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