Electric Epilator For Body & Facial Hair – Review

electric epilator

I am a naturally hairy woman and so my legs and arms have very dark, coarse hair. This issue extends to my face and in the past, I had a dark patch above my lip that was reminiscent of a mustache and stubble around my chin. I looked for an electric epilator and tried this one, so here’s my review !

This is a very defeminizing issue to deal with and I have felt very unattractive when it attracted attention from either sex.

Shaving alone does not give me smooth, soft skin, at least not for more than a few hours. Within twelve hours the hair would show up as small spots near the surface of my skin and by the next day it would have visibly grown back. Not only is this an unwanted sight, I felt itchy and uncomfortable from ingrown hairs. Constantly having to shave irritated my skin as well.

Waxing is not only expensive and painful but does not give me a very long reprieve before the hair starts growing again.

Then I can across a video for facial epilator reviews and discovered the electric epilator.

I bought an inexpensive one to try and have never regretted my purchase.Electric epilator

The electric epilators are great for facial hair removal as well as body hair removal. It got rid of the fine hairs above my lip and on my chin. Not only do I have soft, touchable legs and arms all the time now, I have hairless, smooth face too.

I am so very happy with this product that I had to do facial epilator review myself. I want to help other women find relief like I did.

Product Features

  • Removes hair quickly to reveal silky smooth and soft skin
  • Attracts hair like a magnet
  • Removes hair fifty times faster than tweezers
  • Hypoallergenic rotary tweezers
  • Grab action motion designed to not break hair.
  • Cordless operation. Uses 2x 1.5V AAA battery (Not included)
  • Suitable for women and men

First Impressions On It

The first time I used electric epilators, it was nighttime. I chose that night just because epilating takes longer than shaving. Since it was my first time I knew I would need time to figure out the process and allotted time for that.

I first had a bath and exfoliated, preparing my skin for the treatment.

The package was cute and easy to open. The electric epilator itself felt very study and well-made. It immediately turned on when I placed two batteries in.

I experimented with the epilator settings and settled on the lowest to ease myself into the process.

When I was done, I was left with a few red bumps that disappeared a few hours later when I applied a bit of witch hazel oil.

The process was not comfortable on my first try but I have since them learned the tricks and techniques that minimize discomfort and give the smoothest results.

I used the epilator frequently in the beginning but as time passed my hair started to reappear after longer intervals and I use it far less often now.

A useful tips for using the electric epilator on your face, swipe the area with alcohol beforehand to minimize the change of getting a bacterial infection and to reduce the chance of getting white bumps if you have sensitive skin.  Also, if you are worried about pain, use a numbing cream.

About a week after my first use, I was handling the hair removal tool like a pro and encourage you to keep at it if your first attempt at using the electric epilator does not go well. I did and the results are definitely worth it.

How To Use !

Before using the electric epilator, take a warm shower, exfoliate and dry well. Do not apply lotion to your skin. Exfoliation will prevent ingrown hairs as the hair grows back and water helps weaken the hair strands so that the hair removal process is quicker.

Turn the epilator on low. Pull the skin taut and make slow swipes over the area that you have chosen to remove the hair from. Keep the epilator perpendicular to your skin at all times.

Once done, moisturize your skin with aloe vera or witch hazel.

Skin may be irritated but after a few your, this will clear to leave smooth, hair-free skin.

Ensure that you clean your electric epilator after every use by using rubbing alcohol. This keeps the tools sanitized, unclogged and ready for your next use.


  • Ideal for removing unwanted hair fast
  • Remove even the smallest and finest body and facial hair
  • Removed hair takes longer to grow back
  • Compact design makes it portable and easy to store
  • Great for travelling with
  • Does not pull at hair so there is minimal pain
  • Suitable for use around lips, chin, underarms, toes, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Saves you money by lowering frequency of visits to salon for hair removal
  • Powered by battery so conserves electric power
  • Suitable for use for both men and women
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • Exfoliates skin


  • You may experience redness or slight irritation after use
  • You may experience slight discomfort, especially with your first few uses of the electric epilator
  • Takes longer than shaving
  • Emits a slight noise

I Want One !

Final Thoughts On  This Electric Epilator !

This is the best tweezers facial hair on the planet. I am convinced of this and once you use this electric epilator you will think the same. It is safe and easy to use. I highly recommend this product for both men and women.

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