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Portable Hood Hair Dryer

Portable Hood Hair Dryer Review – The Best Hair Curler?

I am an African American female with thick, natural 4C hair. I love hair, my hair and that of other women’s. In fact, I love it so much so that I run a salon out of my home part time for women of all

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Magnetic Lash Extensions

Magnetic Lash Extensions Review: The Best ?

I am a fashionable young woman in my early twenties who loves having my appearance up to par all the time. This is a standard that I have set for myself and uphold it religiously. I love clothes, makeup

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Spray Nail Polish

Spray Nail Polish Review: Does It Really Work?

I am hopeless at applying nail polish. I always get the polish onto my skin and applying to my right nails with my left hand is a process that leaves me with a nightmarish freak show on my hands and feet.

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Skin Scar Repair Oil

Skin Scar Repair Oil Review: The Best Scar Removal Product

I suffered from severe acne as a teen and the results were very apparent on my face into my adult years even though I had since learnt to manage the condition so that it did not overtake my life. The problem

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Ultrasonic Face Cleaner

Ultrasonic Face Cleaner Review: The Answer to Clear Skin?

Everyone wants to have smooth, supple, great-looking facial skin and I was no exception. I found this amazingly satisfying Ultrasonic Face Cleaner, I gave it a shot, and was in rush to give you my review

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Blackhead Removal Mask

The Best Blackhead Removal Mask: Purifying Peel-Off Mask Review

My story of fighting acne is not your typical one. I had perfectly fine clear, smooth, radiant looking skin in my teens but as soon as my mid twenties hit, blackheads started popping up everywhere.  The

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foot exfoliator

So I Had Tried This Foot Exfoliator ! Here Is My Review

I am not one to usually use a product like a foot exfoliator. I did not even know that was a thing until I tried it. So I decided one day that i’ll give it a shot and I tried this product, but I

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hard wax beans kit

The Best Painless Hard Wax Beans Kit?

Attaining smooth, hairless skin without pain, without ingrown hairs and without shaving every day. Sounds like a myth, I know, but it is possible with this hard wax hair removal system and particularly

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nose straightener

Nose Straightener Review: Get A Straight Nose Fast

Hello ladies, today i’m going to review this nose straightener that helped me a lot to straighten my nose and get its natural shape. I was in a car accident a few years ago and got a broken nose

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neck firming cream

Neck Firming Cream Review: How To Tighten Loose Neck Skin

It is unfortunate to say but by the time I had hit my forties, my skin has lost its luster and glow and the signs were especially visible around my neck area. I tried this neck firming cream to see if

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