So I Had Tried This Foot Exfoliator ! Here Is My Review

foot exfoliator

I am not one to usually use a product like a foot exfoliator. I did not even know that was a thing until I tried it. So I decided one day that i’ll give it a shot and I tried this product, but I have to admit that this must be the best foot peel mask because I cannot imagine getting a result any better than this.

I have never been a woman who cares less than two hoots about what people think of my feet but after this feet treatment I now feel the need to show them off and can be found wearing sandals and flip flops way more often. Not only do they look good, they feel a whole lot better.

The foot exfoliator mask got rid of dry, dead calloused skin on my feet. It was especially effective on my heels and around my big toes where my problems areas were. Now my feet are baby skin smooth and as healthy as they have ever been.

I am so happy with the results I got from using it that I had to write a review for anyone considering using a foot exfoliator. If I found satisfaction in using this feet treatment then anyone else can.

Product Features

  • Contains lactic acid and other gentle on skin ingredients to soften skin and remove calluses
  • Replenishes nutrition and moisture required by the skin to effectively restore the health of your feet
  • One size fits most people
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Works especially well coarse and dull skin, dry dead skin, cracked heel, etc.

First Impressions

My girlfriend and I were lounging around at home one day when she decided to treat herself to a foot mask peel treatment and finally use this foot exfoliator mask she bought a few days before.

She turned to me and said, “You should do it too. Your feet can definably use it.”

Of course, I turned her down but somehow five minutes later I found myself following the package instructions and soaking my feet in hot water next to my girlfriend. Yup, I am a total sucker for her and her beautiful eyes so sue me.

I have big feet for a woman and they are wider than the norm too but this foot exfoliator mask still covered the entire bottom of them.

As I mentioned before, I am not the kind of girl you will find indulging in spa treatments and the like so the feel of this foot peel mask completely threw me at first. It reminded me of the way wet paper feels on skin but that is not a major complaint for me.

I got used to it pretty quick and even forgot I had the foot exfoliators on while I played a video game during the waiting time.

When the time was up and we cleaned the feet treatment off, I did notice that my feet looked cleaner and more moisturized but the callouses were still there, which was to be expected according to the instructions.

Shedding started for me about four days later and lasted for about a week. My skin peeled in layer and although I was annoyed at the shedding at first, once I saw the healthy looking skin it revealed underneath, I was delighted.

I even did a second treatment to ensure even better results and that time I was not persuaded by my girlfriend, who got remarkable results as well.

foot exfoliator

Instructions For Use

First, prepare your feet for the foot treatment by washing and soaking your feet in water as hot as you can stand for a few minutes. Next, dry your feet.

Grab a pair of the foot peel masks from the package and cut the seal. Plaster the foot exfoliators onto the underside of your feet and put on a pair of socks for even deep penetrating action. This also allows for fuller contact.

Wear the foot exfoliator mask for 35-95 minutes. You can go about your normal routine during that time. When time is up, remove the socks and the foot peel mask. Clean your feet thoroughly.

Dead skin and callouses start to peel off after 48 hours. It is suggested that feet be soaked in hot water again at that time.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Effectively hydrates dull, dry skin for moisturized, healthy feet
  • One size fits most people
  • Continues to work even after the foot exfoliator has been removed.
  • It is inexpensive and saves money by lowering the frequency of trips to the beauty salons and spas.
  • Makes feet look great and easy to show off.
  • Easy to use and remove


  • The process is ongoing. Skin shedding ranges from a few days to a two weeks after use due to old calluses falling off.
  • Treatment needs to be timed so that it does not clash with special periods like weddings and beach visits where you need to wear open shoes like slippers or sandals as you may shed for up to two weeks.
  • May irritate skin so a patch test is required before use of the foot peel mask
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women

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Final Thoughts On This Foot Exfoliator !

As a woman who does not usually indulge in beauty routines and regimens, I have to say this foot exfoliator mask completely blew my mind. It has me re-evaluating what other beauty products that might make my life better because the results are so visible and so drastic.

It got rid of the old, dead and calloused skin on my feet, made them look great, revitalized their health and did not cost me a fortune to do it either. The same can be said for my girlfriend who also indulged in the foot peel mask. I highly recommend for both men and women to use.

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