Nose Straightener Review: Get A Straight Nose Fast

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Hello ladies, today i’m going to review this nose straightener that helped me a lot to straighten my nose and get its natural shape.

I was in a car accident a few years ago and got a broken nose as part of my list of injuries. Although my nose healed, it was left crooked and swollen-looking.

I wanted to get rid of the bend and increased size but I wanted to straighten my nose without surgery, which many told me was the only option. I had been under the knife quite a few times due to my accident in the last few years and I was not going under it again if I could help it.

Despite the circumstances that led to my uneven nose shape, I still felt self-conscious about it and felt like it was what people saw when they looked at my face.

Of all the signs of my accident, it is the most visible after I have healed. Not even makeup helped conceal it.

The self-consciousness always brought back memories of that distressing time in my life. A time that I would rather forget. So, one day I decided enough was enough. I needed to do something about my crooked nose instead of letting it rule my life.

I started searching the web for a way to straighten my nose without surgery and came across the nose straightener. There were mixed reviews about it but the risks were far less than surgery to I decided to go that route.

I tried the more expensive brands first because I figured the higher price meant that they were more likely to work. But I figured wrong.

I bought several of the devices but none worked until I came across this one, what I have deemed the best nose straightener since I started using it. Best yet, it was far more affordable than the other devices that I had tried before.

It has worked wonders with reshaping my nose and I have lost a lot of the self-consciousness I felt before when interacting with other people.

If it works for me with my particular circumstances, I am convinced that it can work for anybody. I want to help others achieve similar results without resorting to straightening their nose with the risk of surgery so I have written this review and wish you the best with achieving all your nasal reshaping dreams!

Product Features

  • Lifts and shapes the nose without the need for expensive plastic surgery to achieve nasal beauty
  • Achieves results with only a fifteen minute application every day
  • The blue one is a spring loaded clip and the pink clip has no spring to support different nose shapes and sizes
  • Gently shapes the nasal cartilage to reshape the nose
  • Constructed of comfortable silicone material

First Impressions

nose straightener

I love the cute colors that the nose straightener came it, just to let you know, but cute colors did not mean that it was efficient in doing what I bought it for.

I had a drawer full of similar products that I had bought for the same purpose. None of them had worked so I was skeptical this one would either, especially since it cost less than a fraction of what the others had.

I read the instructions and followed them to a tee since I did not want to cause any further damage to my nose.

I expected pain simply because my nose has been sensitive since the accident but it did not hurt one bit to apply and wear this nose straightener. It was a very pleasant surprise since it actually felt rather good, like a mini massage on my nose. I had not read about that in any of the positive reviews I saw online so I feel like I have to mention it here.

It sat comfortably on my nose with no movement and I could still breathe without difficulty.

In addition to going on easy, it was easy to remove when I was done.

An imprint of the shaper was left when I was done but it disappeared within a minute.

My nose is not completely straight yet and I was not expecting it to be because the damage to my nose had been pretty extensive during the accident but I have seen a dramatic improvement in the last few weeks that I have been using it. I attribute my successful results to the fact that I wear the device consistently and correctly every night.

Instructions For Use

Ensure that your skin is clean and dry before use. Insert the nose straightener over the bridge of the nose for fifteen minutes daily. Clean the device with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab after every use.

Stop using the nasal shaping device immediately if there is severe discomfort.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for expensive surgery
  • Painless
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The user may experience some pain if the nose straightener is used incorrectly
  • Makes a temporary imprint on the nose but it disappears after a few minutes

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Final Thoughts

This nose straightener does what it is supposed to do and affords you a straighter, narrower nose without expensive and risky surgery. I am very happy with the results and know that you will be too because it is simply the best nose straightener I have come across in my extensive search.

I highly recommend it for both men and women.

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