How to remove black spots on skin for women

how to remove black spots on skin

Unlike acne which vanishes after a while, black spots on skin seem to stick forever. Sometimes, these acnes are the reason for these stubborn black spots, leaving them as a trail of their existence. However, more or less, if you are worried about getting these spots out of your sight, why not try some safe natural remedies? Nevertheless, you can always consult your dermatologist if the problem is persistent instead of depending on the creams and cosmetics. After all, it would be intimidating to realize later that your worries gotten worse with the choices you made.

Most of the lightening creams include bleach as their main ingredient which is known to cause irritation for many skin types. It is always simpler to go with the natural home remedies to remove those black spots on skin, rather gambling to find the cream that is natural and safe. Is it worth to put your skin to that stress and trauma while paying for your own loss? That won’t ever be recognized as a win.

Black spots on skin snatch the looks that we deserve and leave us feeling odd. Many of us who deal with all sort of foundations and concealers, often complain about their addiction to these makeup products. Although the glow in the morning is astonishing, they go back to that dark room at night where no one listens to their sobs. Deep down, there is always a fear of coming out in the light without the makeup on. Yes, black spots on skin is that powerful.

However, wondering why you are the chosen one, would not give you much ease unless you work for fighting that root cause. While we can go on writing a book about the reasons why these happen, let’s just stick to some common causes that lead to this unsightly marks on our faces.

What causes black spots on skin?

Hormonal causes:

Being a woman is not easy. Every phase brings itself a new version of us. While we are adolescent, we experience mensuration cycle. When we are young, we choose to become pregnant and when we get old, we are stuck with menopause. Every time, these changes happen, either we go through estrogen and progesterone levels change or excessive melanin production. These all results in dark spots.

Facial Waxing:

Waxing can take a troll on your face. When the hairs are tweaked from the pores, it leaves them open exposed to dirt and pollution. These pollutants clog in the pores and results in black spots on the skin.

Sun Burn:

Tanned skin is in fashion. But, what if you overdo it. Excessive exposure to sun causes the body to produce more melanin. These melanin leaves dark spots on the skin.

Acne or Pimples:

As stated above, acne can leave scars. These scars turn into black spots on skin. Although it is a tough job to remove black spots on skin but certainly, not impossible.

Best ways to get rid black spots on skin

How about some home remedies? If you think that a layer of foundation is good enough to hide those dark spots, you can still treat it at home.

Aloe Vera:

aloe vera cream

If you know that the dark spots are due to the acnes, this formula will help you a lot. Instead of shuffling through tons of pack and remedies, just stick to this magic gel and you will gradually feel the difference. Either you can apply it on the dark spots only or over the entire face, it will only do good. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it away. You can do this twice a day.

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Allow the milk to blend in your skin by massaging it on the dark spots with the help of cotton balls. Continue massaging for 5 minutes and let the lactic acid exfoliate your skin pores while lighting the dark spots simultaneously.


Vitamin C has got the magic wand to deal with these dark spots on skin. Lemon has the antioxidants properties. You can rub lemon juice with cotton balls over the dark spots. If you feel burning sensation, you can dilute the juice with water.

Although home remedies work just fine for few, those with stubborn marks, can consult the professionals. Here is the takeaway for those who think that home remedies won’t be just enough for the black spots on skin.

Treatment with Laser: This is painless, and the lasers do their job without you even noticing them. If the condition is bad, you would be required to attend more than one session and the type of laser treatment would much depend on your case.


Do not be alarmed by the term surgery. Akin to Laser treatment, this one too is a non-invasive process. Liquid nitrogen is used to treat through this procedure. After the nitrogen is sprayed, you will have to wait until the scan is formed of the dark spots and shed off after a few weeks on its own.

Chemical Peels:

chemical peel

In this procedure, a chemical is applied on the skin to treat the black spots on skin. This chemical will cause the skin to blister and finally peel off. This is followed by a new skin layer which is cleaner and lighter. The process is painful although you may feel some tingling.

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The Verdict

If you are too much sad about the black spots on skin you carry, this article will help feel better. You must know that there is a solution to every problem. It is better to see the brighter side. Black spots on skin is a problem that can be treated permanently. Without any hesitation, you can always turn up to a professional dermatologist to share your problem and he would be able to calm you down.

Black spots on skin is not a rare issue and there are lots of ways you can take them down. If home remedies fall short for your condition, make no excuse in seeing the specialist.

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