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natural eyelash enhancer

Every women dreams of having longer, thick, dark eyelashes, which is why i had to try this natural eyelash enhancer that was recommended to me.

With popular social media influencers and movie stars splashing every corner of magazines, television and the internet with images that contain long, voluminous lashes, it is hard not to feel envious even knowing that image manipulation software or false lashes were used.

Unfortunately, I had eyelashes that are on the other end of the spectrum. My natural eyelashes were short, stringy and sparse.

I had what you call bald eyelashes. They fell out faster that they grew and were hardly visible, giving the effect that I did not have any when my face was bare or makeup.

I tried false eyelashes to enhance the appearance of my eyelashes but hated the feel of the things. I always felt like I was about to have my eye poked out… And I did get my eye poke on occasion to tell the truth. That might be because I am not a pro at beauty applications.

Worse yet, I was afraid that I would be embarrassed by the false lashes coming out in a public setting. Another negative was that they pulled out my already stingy eyelashes when I used them.

Then a friend recommend this natural eyelash enhancer serum to me!

It has added shine and durability to my lashes. It added length and thickness within a short two week period. It did all of this with a natural formula that had no negative side effects on my health or the health of my eyelashes.

What is the best natural eyelash enhancer, you ask?

Well, this natural eyelash enhancer review is going to give you the down low on it so you too can have the false lash effect without the flash lashes or simply want to grow thicker, longer and healthier eyelashes naturally.

You will no longer need to pile on mascara or lessen the health of your existing eyelashes as this gentle yet effective formula. This natural eyelash enhancer will give you naturally lush, long lashes in a safe, effective way.

Read on to find out more.

Product Features

  • Formulated to nourish, condition and fortify eyelashes gently
  • Contains potent ingredients that promotes lash and eyebrow growth
  • Stimulates the cells responsible for follicle development
  • Expands the number of growing fibers to increase the thickness of eyelashes
  • Safe and irritant free
  • Does not use of parabens, sulfates or chemical preservatives
  • Comes with an efficient applicator for seamless, easy application
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not contain prostaglandin or bimatoprost

First Impressions

It has been six weeks since I first tried this natural eyelash enhancer serum.

I bought the serum, convinced by the positive reviews I read online and by the before and after pics. I have used other natural eyelash enhancer serums but only experiences minimal results even though they practically cost me an arm and a leg to purchase. They not only did not work very well, they contained very small amounts in the containers and I had to frequency buy another supply.

Natural Eyelash Enhancer Natural Eyelash Enhancer

It was frustrating and expensive so when I found this cheaper brand which claimed to give me even better results (and was backed by positive results), I just had to give it a try.

The transparent formula applied quickly and easily to my eyelashes with the precise applicator supplied with my purchase.

I applied the natural eyelash enhancer serum every day for the first two weeks and the growth and increase in lash volume has been tremendous. I got extensive results that not even expensive brands had not afforded me.

I have incorporated the serum into my nighttime beauty routine and apply it very night before bed. It has never irritated my skin or eyes. Absolutely no eye redness to date.

Six weeks later, my eyelashes look like they always has a fresh application of mascara from a high end brand. I have said goodbye to false lashes after having used the best natural eyelash enhancer serum on the market.

Instructions For Use

Lightly apply the natural eyelash enhancer serum to your lash line after you have cleansed your skin.  The eyes should be completely free of makeup and eye cream. Tap the serum down to the roots with your finger without getting it into your eyes.

Begin at the inner corner of the eye outwards, directly on the base of your eyelashes. Use 1-2 times every day. If a dosage is missed, simply apply the product the next day.

Also note that you should never apply the natural eyelash enhancer serum into your eyes or to your lower lid and only the sterile applicator supplied with the serum should be used.


  • Is the perfect alternative to false eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Improves the health of your eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Easy to apply
  • Makes eyelashes and eyebrows thicker, longer and darker
  • Adds shine and durability
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Eliminates the high cost of using false lashes or high end mascaras
  • Affordable
  • Does not use harmful chemicals


  • None that I have found

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Final Thoughts On The Natural Eyelash Enhancer !

There has been a lot of hype and media coverage on achieving the false lash effect without the false lashes. Therefore, there has been a flood of products on the market but most of them made false promises, leaving the question – what is the best natural eyelash enhancer?

You do not have to wonder anymore. I have found it and I am sharing it with you in this natural eyelash enhancer review. I have experienced the magnificent results and I think that every women should be privy to the long, thick and dark eyelashes that I have now attained. Therefore I highly recommend this natural eyelash enhancer serum.

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