6 Reasons Why I choose hard wax beans for Hair removal

hard wax beans

Removing of unwanted hair is common among women. No one like to be covered with hair all over the body. Either it’s the blonde colour or the black, every woman likes to get rid of these body hairs. Although there are various options, waxing is one of the most popular ones because of the results it entails. Waxing not only makes your skin smooth but also gradually curbs the growth of hair. Traditionally, beauty saloons used soft wax with strips to carry waxing. These days, hard wax beans have captured a lot of attention of women around the world.

Gone are the days when women did not care about their body hair. With growing trend of the beauty industry, no women can tolerate even a single hair growth on their skin. Waxing helps to delay the regrowth of hair for long and can be used at any part of the body including face and bikini area as well. By removing the hair from under the skin, it guarantees slow growth and you can enjoy the smooth skin for a longer period without bothering about the saloon appointments very often.

What could be the best time to flaunt your skin rather than this season of the year? Summer is approaching, and you must be preparing yourself for wearing your favourite mini skirt for an evening coffee soon. No style is complete without a smooth skin and unwanted hair can ruin that look of yours. It becomes even more vital to remove unwanted hair when the favourite season of the year is about to peep. Nothing can get you the results that hard wax beans can.

hard wax beans

Here are few benefits of painless wax beads for removing hair:

Hot Wax Beans do not require Cotton Strips

If you are still stuck with the old methods of waxing and use soft wax with cotton strips to remove your hair, you must have not tried these hot wax beans. Unlike the old methods, this process does not involve cotton strips and the painless wax beads alone can get you the astonishing results. The works become easier for you and your beauty care professional. Once applied on the skin as a thick layer, it is left to harden. Once harden, it becomes like a plastic wrap and can be easily taken off from the skin without the need of cotton strips.  

Hard Wax Beans attach to the Hair

Did you know that the soft wax sticks to the skin and can increase your hair ingrowth? But, this is not the case with hot wax beans. Hot wax for hair removal is the safest way to remove the hair. It attaches itself to the hair only and limits the number of hair ingrowths. You must be feeling relieved after listening to this as most women have to fight these ingrowths and is very frustrating.

The process is less painful

Many women who have used hard wax as well as soft wax believe that the hot wax beans are less painful. Because the skin is not in contact with the wax, it hurts less. When the wax sticks to your skin, you may feel irritation, rashes and cuts which are usual in this scenario. However, hot wax beans do the actual removal without making you go through such painful experiences.

You do not have to worry about Burns

How many times you have burnt yourself while waxing? Every woman will relate to this experience. This is because the soft wax is applied at a higher temperature and if not taken care of, can cause burns on the skin. However, painless wax beads are applied at the same temperature as your body. So, you would never have the problem of burns even when the beautician is in a hurry while applying the hot wax beans over the skin. It is such a relief to know that your skin is safe.

Your Hair Follicles will not be affected

Hard wax and soft wax delay the period of regrowth. But, what soft wax cannot guarantee is the removal of hair from all the angles. This is only possible with hot wax beans. When applied in the wrong direction, soft wax can distort your hair follicles resulting it to grow in any direction. Soft wax only works efficiently when applied in the same direction as the hair growth. So, the distorted follicles can prevent the soft wax from providing the expected results.

However, hot wax beans can remove the hair from any angle. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about your follicles getting distorted.

Hard Wax can be Reapplied

A waxing session is tedious especially when carried out with soft wax. If any hair is left, one need to use a tweezers or use threading to get rid of that hair. But, in case of hard wax beans, this is not the case. The process is more thorough, and the hard wax can be applied any number of times to the same area in the same sitting. So, you get the smooth skin without using number of different tools.

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The Verdict

You need to use hard wax to know what it feels like. Those who have been using soft wax from a long time, may feel the fear of loose skin. But, as the hot wax beans do not stick to the skin, it does not make your skin leave your bones even if you use it on a regular basis.

If you’d like to try them out, I did a review about a professional wax heater kit that comes with a heater machine and a bag of hard wax beans.

With increase in feminism among women, there is no way one can leave those body hairs on the skin without an attempt to remove them. Because of which, there are many alternatives available for removing the unwanted hair. But, none of them are as effective and popular as waxing. And, if you are aware of the results that soft waxing can provide, you will surely adore the wonders that hard wax beans can do for your skin.    

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