I am “Joyce” founder and the beauty editor behind Biotyful.net. I was born in Texas and currently living Wyoming. If you are wondering what led me into blogging about beauty and beauty products, then my hobbies and interests right from childhood, will be a perfect reflection of why I gravitated towards blogging.

I like to paint, read books, see movies and I must mention makeup and everything that relates to skin health, have always caught my attention and love to talk about them.
So far so good, It has been an interesting journey since I began writing for Biotyful.net with a constantly growing community of readers.

However, I must mention I have always wanted to share my personal experience and hear from others on what rocks their beauty boat. So I find it quite exciting to talk anything beauty. I have earned numerous support and love from my avid readers, and this has fueled my passion to continue to blog for Biotyful.net

What differentiates Biotyful.net from other beauty blogs is taking time to churn out thoughtful pieces about the beauty industry as well as touch some controversial topics or trending subjects in the beauty sector to keep you abreast. Biotyful.net also gives you great insights into product releases and detailed reviews for you to make informed decisions about your wellness.

Our focus is to be open and educate our readers on the collection of beauty products in the market and not be a slave to a particular brand. We enjoy what we do, and our readers always look forward to our new releases.